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Title: Inuyasha aka Inu Yasha aka InuYasha
Company: Sunrise
Genre: Action/Comedy
Format: 167 episodes
Dates: 16 Oct 2000 – 13 Sep 2004

Synopsis: Higurashi Kagome lives each day like any ordinary Japanese high school until she magically gets transported to the feudal era by a demon that plans to devour the all powerful Shikon jewel in her body. At the verge of getting killed, Kagome is forced to free a half-demon, Inuyasha who saves her life. In an ensuing battle the Shikon jewel, is shattered and its fragments is scattered throughout feudal Japan. It is now up to Kagome and her unwilling bodyguard, Inuyasha, to recover the fragments before they are found by others and used for evil.

The Highlights
Character chemistry: Consistently effective.
Seiyuu: Spot on.
Music: Worthy of purchasing the OSTs.
Story: Clichéd, redundant and incomplete.

Takahashi Rumiko has been long known as one of the most influential female manga artists of all time. Takahashi’s next major project, Inuyasha, takes the same timeless formula as her other works but adds a solid plot along with a feudal twist. One would think that such additions would make an excellent anime, but much like Ranma ½, the series probably should have shaved off its particularly large tumor: filler episodes.

Inuyasha captures the magic of the manga by creating a large cast of interesting characters that serve as the heart of the anime. While this doesn’t prevent part of the cast from being blatant stereotypes; the character chemistry works so well that it becomes easy to overlook this flaw. With a fair share of action, comedy, and melodrama, it is obvious why this show has gained so much recognition. The slick animation, sweeping music and superb seiyuu does the series wonders, but with seven seasons, the series inevitably loses steam.

Running a total of 167 episodes, Inuyasha takes its sweet time walking from point A to point B. The anime would have been great if this trip were not plagued with detours and, more importantly, dead ends. While some of the sub-arcs are very intriguing, they become irksome as the show becomes inundated with them. Further compounding the issue is the main antagonist, Naraku, who can take on Frieza, Moses and Superman in a longevity contest and win. This journey from point A to B quickly becomes a prolonged, and not so epic, quest from point A to point B to point C to point D ad infinitum. In the end, it would have been fine if the effort had fruition… but the series literally cuts off as the cast shouts “we’ll chase you to the ends of the earth [Naraku]!”

While Inuyasha is a good anime for newcomers, it holds very little substance for the more weathered ones. At its core, Inuyasha may be just mindless fun, but it’s cruel and unusual to force anyone through 167 episodes of it.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: Shadowmage

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