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I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Title: I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Company: TNK
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 4 Jul 2001 – 26 Sep 2001

Synopsis: Amawa Hibiki’s dream is to be a gym teacher. He has just graduated and has absolutely no cash. He is under pressure by Lulu Sanjo, the landlady of the Gochiso, to pay his rent. With his dog taken hostage and threatened to be turned into dog stew, he is in desperate need of a job. He tries to land one at the local Seito Sannomiya School, which is in search of a new gym teacher. The principal however despises all men and will only accept female teachers. With some help from Lulu, Amawa disguises himself as a female and gets the job.

The Highlights
Humor: Mostly spot on and funny; some hilarious recurring jokes.
Visuals: A bit sketchy and repetitive at times.
Lulu Sanjo: Probably the most awesome, craziest “Baa-chan” I’ve ever seen!
Romance: The romantic plots and subplots are all touched upon but seldom concluded.
Mori and Tofu: Comic relief done right.
The “final” twist: *hint hint* Lulu Sanjo is involved.

When I first read the description of I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, I couldn’t help but assume it was just another plot-less, pointless, tasteless ecchi. After giving it a chance however I must insist it is none of the above. While it may have its fair share of silly moments and minor ecchi traits, it is also packed with some hilarious scenes, likable characters and a decently delivered plot.

The story itself is not groundbreaking, but at least the creators did more than simply use it as an excuse for lame fan service. Throughout the series, several themes are tackled such as gender related prejudices, the learning process of youth and the forbidden love between a cross dressed male teacher and his innocent, sexually confused fourteen year old student. The show approaches these themes in a much more comedic than serious fashion; as we see ironic scenes of male students being forced to perform all the school cleaning duties and a comic relief duo of middle aged men trying to constantly re-live their youth by spying on middle school girls. One of the considerable pluses of this show is in its ability to take itself seriously mostly at the right moments; a skill plenty of anime comedies lack.

The characters are generally likable but not very original. On the whole they are cliché. The exception is Lulu Sanjo; the character that brings being a mad pistol-packing granny to a whole new level. Regardless of the crisis, “Baa-chan” is always there to save the day. Whether it be helping Amawa disguise himself as a woman; preventing Mori and Tofu from succeeding in their missions of perverted espionage; or putting out a fire with her hand-made, automated motorcycle transformer. The character development, although not mind-blowing, is at least present. This is seen through Amawa’s experiences as a disguised teacher and the changing attitudes of the students in his class.

The main weaknesses of this anime are its sketchy visuals, which include but are not limited to: excessive still-shots, repeated frames and low level fluidity. Another complaint worth mentioning is the usage of many romance subplots more as time-fillers than something to build a story upon. Some may also be put off by the open ending but I actually found it very appropriate and satisfying. Amawa and the Seito Sannomiya class learn what they were supposed to learn and the future is left to the viewer’s discretion… an acceptable quality of a slice of life story.

Overall, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs is an underrated show. The shows premise, which brings any fan of substance to expect the worst, is probably partially to blame. This anime is a long way from being a masterpiece; but at least it has something most brainless ecchi series lack: a plot. This is an enjoyable anime that is bound to bring some laughs to anyone who watches it; and some stressful moments trying to figure out the title’s meaning.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: MK

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