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Green Green

Title: Green Green
Company: Studio Matrix
Genre: Comedy/Action
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 12 Jul 2003 – 29 Sep 2003

Synopsis: Two lovers once shared a forbidden love, and vowed that upon reincarnation they would reunite and live out their destiny. Such is the memory and wish of Chitose Midori, who arrives one Summer morning amongst other high school girls at Kanenone Academy. Perched high in the mountains, the all-boy student body has studied far from civilization and even farther from contact with the opposite sex. While Takasaki Yuusuke is clearly the man of Midori’s memories, his epiphany of destiny has yet to be seen; and it will take seductive workings and raunchy mishaps before his memory comes back.

The Highlights
Humor: Funny… in that “I’m going to hell for this” kind of way.
Animation: Recycled, tasteless, and poor.
Story: There was a story?!

Green Green was something I picked out of the bargain bin in my local anime boutique. And I think there was a reason it was there in the first place – the dumpster must have been full. Out of all the many series I’ve seen in my years as an anime fan, this has got to be close to the bottom of the barrel. Thank the anime gods this only twelve episodes, because it will take weeks to get the taste out of my mouth.

I’m a sucker for romance plain-and-simple, so anything that comes by word of mouth as being a decent title, I’ll give it a whirl. While most anime series are based on a manga, this is actually based off of a computer game – a hentai computer game (a fact I unfortunately discovered after viewing). Knowing that, what could you expect really? This series balances delicately on the edge of anime and hentai, leaving you desperately unsatisfied from either side. Several doses of ecchi scenes are siphoned into your brain each episode, ranging from strong suggestions of pedophilia to even bestiality. And while the series will tease you with oodles of cleavage, nipples even (which I believe is where that boundary of “hentai” begins to be crossed), it does not go farther than that.

The initial premise of these two lovers from long ago trying to have a love that transcends time is sweet and all, but makes little appearance in the series. It serves as a motivation for the female lead to act the way she does, but serves no purpose in reference to plot development and character development (or mental development at that). What you end up getting is a group of male characters, whose lack of female contact leads to an explosion (no pun intended) of sexual tension, causing them to wreak havoc and become complete perverts. Needless to say, it is this horde of risque situations that fuels the humor of Green Green. Now I am not going to deny that I did laugh occasionally, but each time I could feel the flames of hell lapping at my heels.

The animation is a mesh of reused cels and poorly drawn characters, and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Even the breasts are poorly drawn! Lastly, the final straw that sent this ship sailing for me was the fact that this series had a recap episode. I already had a strong distaste for any recap episodes, as I feel they are simply a way to fill up time and space. But why the hell would you put a recap episode in a twelve episode series? Maybe it’s a good thing, because it’s twenty minutes less of this series that you’ll have to watch. My conclusion? Stay for the ecchi if you insist, but I suggest you could take your box of tissues somewhere else.

The Rating: 2

Reviewed by: Godai

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