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Girls Bravo Second Season

Title: Girls Bravo Second Season
Genre: Comedy
Company: Fuji TV/Girls Bravo Production Committee/Kadokawa Shoten
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 27 Jan 2005 – 21 Apr 2005

Synopsis: Though he still tries to cope with his gynophobia, life goes on for Sasaki Yukinari. As Yukinari grows closer to the girls around him, they all frequently get into more messed-up situations and adventures.

The Highlights
Fanservice: Back again and better than ever.
Comedy: Significantly more funny than the vast majority of other harem comedies.
Characters and story: See my review of the first season.

As far as a coarse recommendation for Girls Bravo Second Season is concerned, the best piece of advice I can give is that if you enjoyed the first season, you’ll enjoy the second. But a finer analysis is in order and a finer analysis shows that the second season takes much of what made the original a success and improves upon it. This is still the fanservice-laden harem of the first series, but it’s better – the comedy is more witty, the fanservice is more daring and the characters and story are more… well, it is a harem anime.

It’s a tad ironic that Girls Bravo manages to do with its humour what many of the biggest name and biggest budget comedies have failed to do before it – remain consistently funny for the course of the entire series. Admittedly, most of the jokes are as low brow as one can find, but the shameless nature of the humour is where a lot of the charm is. What works greatest in Girls Bravo’s favour is that it doesn’t allow its gags to get stale. Even the recurring jabs at character flaws and idiosyncrasies are constantly given a new spin to keep them fresh and, most importantly, funny. And, oh boy, the fanservice reaches a new pinnacle. Things got so risqué at stages, I began expecting a censor message saying “oops, can’t show this in a TV series” to pop up on screen.

My worst fears for Girls Bravo were almost confirmed in the final two episodes when the plot made a serious turn. Fortunately though, even this was done tongue-in-cheek. It may have been the weakest part of the series, but Girls Bravo stayed true to its inconsequential (and, in a sense, pure) nature right up to the last episode. It’s this fervent loyalty to its harem comedy roots that has always impressed me the most in this franchise. Girls Bravo spells out quite explicitly what it tries to be, and never tries to be anything more. However, if you come into this series expecting something deep or mature, you will be burnt.

Ultimately the second season of Girls Bravo is a harem anime, and this is a genre with flaws that have been showcased over and over again, so they almost go without saying. With that said, provided you’re prepared for a bigger and better dose of the low brow humour and unrestrained fanservice that made the first season so much fun, you won’t be disappointed.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Sorrow-kun

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