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Title: Eiken
Genre: Comedy
Company: J.C. Staff/Genco
Format: 2 OVA
Dates: 25 Jun 2003 – 23 Jun 2004

Synopsis: Recently enrolled Densuke Mifune is having a really awkward first day at the prestigious Zashono Academy. In a matter of minutes, he finds himself between the custom cup sized breasts of fellow student Chiharu Shinonome, accused of being a lecher, and by extension accepted into the Eiken club. Densuke is now stuck with the hand he has been dealt, but will do all he can to redeem himself in front of the school and in the eyes of Chiharu, all in a mishmash of pantyshots, groping, and not so subtle sexual innuendo.

The Highlights
Premise: Absurd.
Comedy: Gross, obscene, and just not funny.
Fan service: Vomit inducing.
External ability to mock: The only thing saving this abomination.

Oh lord, oh my, oh the humanity! What did I just watch? I knew certain anime could cause anger, loss of energy, and even pain. But nausea? I think that’s reason enough to pretend this piece of garbage never existed. Hold that for a minute. I think I’ve jumped a little too far ahead in this review, so I’m just going to take a step back to explain the agonizing (not to mention sickening) “fanservice” candy that is Eiken.

From a completely objective point of view, this OVA simply lacks anything in terms of effective, or even adequate storytelling. The premise itself is rather senseless. The concept of a genius being sent to a city school with a high female enrollment rate is not the most farfetched thing I’ve ever seen. The are more than enough harem anime with this same setup. However, combine that with the stupidity of that same kid being accepted into some club, which doesn’t seem to serve any function, by groping the club president’s breasts is really stretching things. This is further topped off by the all too typical romance between the two usual suspects as well as the all to predictable attraction of every character for the protagonist. It’s not so difficult to figure out how this all plays out.

Idiot plot aside, as a comedy, Eiken has an obligation, to entertain the audience. This would be a saving grace, if it weren’t for the fact that the jokes are just not funny. Consisting mostly of long since overused slapstick and vulgar humor, many of the gags comes off as “so what”. There is not much to laugh at, and it gets even worse once you realize that the comedy is lacking in any sort of wit, taste, or mockery. It’s just more of the same pantyshots, groping, and awkwardly placed phallic imagery repeating itself for an hour. It’s unfunny the first time, and just pitiful by the end. On the other hand, Eiken could be considered pathetic as to be essentially laughing at the extremities it goes to; that is if those very extremities weren’t plain gross.

From the moment Eiken begins, all you see are boobs, boobs, and more boobs. Being a fanservice series, it is only natural for breasts to be objects of arousal, especially when objects of comedy is already out of the question. The continuous bouncing of breasts is one thing, but when they are horrendously proportioned EEs, FFs, and WTFs, it is just impossible to get past the absurdity of it all. And to make matters worse, the way the fanservice is used with the aforementioned weak attempts at comedy add insult to injury and make even the most kinky of hentai seem classy by comparison. I hadn’t had a banana for weeks on end just trying to get their association in the story out of my head. This being tame by comparison compared to the instances of throwing the characters into rivers of yogurt and chocolate fudge, which, just thinking about makes me want to vomit.

It doesn’t take that much to realize that there is something sickly debilitating about Eiken. The fact that it even exists proves that there has to be some small minority that is either turned on or entertained by this lowbrow sort of thing. Chances are you know if you are, and if you do not fit this demographic, it is best to pretend this insult of an anime doesn’t even exist. In all fairness, however, there have been a number of individuals who have been able to exploit this mess for genuine comedic purposes. Otherwise, I would have already repressed my memory of this repulsive piece of garbage.

The Rating: 1

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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