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Comic Party

Title: Comic Party
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Company: KSS/OLM
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 2 Apr 2001 – 25 Jun 2001

Synopsis: Kazuki is a high school art student without much real direction in life until he meets Taishi, an overly energetic and strange guy with a love for doujinshi that borders on obsession. Taishi brings Kazuki into the world of doujinshi (fan comics) where Kazuki quickly starts his own project. Alas, life is not perfect because Kazuki’s girl friend Mizuki doesn’t understand his sudden obsession with manga. Will Kazuki be forced to choose between doujinshi and Mizuki?

The Highlights
Plot: A candid look at the world of doujinshi.
Characters: Amusing.
Parodies: Easy to miss.

Often hailed as the new Otaku no Video, Comic Party follows in the same spirit, but does not match the quality of the aforementioned title. We are given glimpses (albeit fictional ones) of those who have taken their obsession too far, as well as the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as Kazuki’s journey into the world of doujinshi unfolds. The creators did a great job at showing all the hard work that goes into publishing even a short doujinshi (most are in the 20-30 page range) from sketching to printing to selling, and all the frustrations that go with it.

If not for the somewhat tense relationship between Kazuki and Mizuki, Comic Party would have lost my interest several times. The relationship in and of itself wasn’t especially well done, but it was the kind of relationship that isn’t frequently explored in anime. The real highlights in the character department are Taishi and Emi. Taishi with his over the top goals of changing the world with doujinshi, and Emi, the extremely popular doujinshi artist who has to stay undercover to avoid legions of screaming fans always got at least a smile out of me, if not laughter.

Speaking of laughter, the one thing I didn’t laugh at was the “parodies.” Not only were they unamusing, they were difficult to notice. It’s not that they were all that hard to pick up on, but the parodies were mostly one of Comic Party‘s characters in cosplay or a character on a poster in the background. I don’t even get how most of these cameos can be considered parodies. Comic Party does not deserve all the hype it gets about being a parody anime.

The ending, while not bad, is somewhat inconclusive. Most of the plot points and questions in the show are wrapped up and there are some heartfelt dramatic moments in the final few episodes, but there is one plot point that isn’t resolved and it has since left a slight nagging in the back of my mind. Even so, Comic Party makes for a decent watch, just don’t go into it expecting tons of amazing parodies like I did.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Kuma

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