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Buttobi CPU

Title: Buttobi CPU aka I Dream of Mimi
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Pink Pineapple
Format: 3 OVAs
Dates: 4 Apr 1997 – 26 Sep 1997

Synopsis: Akira has been saving for years to purchase a new computer; yet when he finally does he ends up with more than he bargained for. Mimi, an advanced biomechanical android, comes standard with the most advanced technology to date – and a great body to boot. Willing to do anything for her master, Mimi and Akira struggle through the awkward relationships of dating, college life, and the occasional dive into a virtual world wide web. Things look optimistic for Akira and his new computer/girlfriend, so long as he gives her enough “memory” to keep running.

The Highlights
Premise: It’s a cute android powered by sex… did someone say win?
Plot: Certainly entertaining, but void of the usual elements – background and development.
Music: There’s only one song really… but you don’t need multiple tracks when you’re this good.
Artwork: Decent considering the age and genre.

Based on a work by Kaoru Shintani, the original creator of such infamous classics as Area 88, comes a story like no other (…ok, maybe it’s exactly like all the others, but it was still great). Buttobi CPU, while technically falling under the hentai category, has more suggestive sexual situations than anything. I assure you, if you watched this title as a hentai enthusiast you would be sorely disappointed. Yet because it falls under that category, more often than not the title is overlooked by anime fans and over-condemned by most critics. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. I totally loved this anime. But I attempt to make as fair a critique as possible.

Known to some by the American DVD title I Dream of Mimi, I stumbled across this “gem” by mere accident filtering through the shelves of an anime specialty shop downtown. I was certainly unaware of the name change when it came to the states, but I had seen Buttobi CPU nearly a decade ago when I first exploring the vast chasm of anime and the internet. I recognized the characters instantly and had to purchase it; while it may not necessarily have lived up to my memory of the title, it still proved to be hilarious and entertaining.

Complemented by visual asthetics that are quite decent for an early 90s anime, Mimi herself especially, the audio was equally satisfying. The opening/ending theme “Access wa Anata Kara” by Hiragi Mifuyu to this day still holds a place on my “top 10 anime songs” list. It’s heart-warming, carefree melody is upbeat and entertaining, choreographing well with the animation and story. Although I felt a little gipped by the fact there’s really only the one song, the song is fantastic enough that it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

The story has its obvious holes, such as where all these bio-andriods came from or why Akira just happened to stumble across a chance to purchase one. Furthermore, the antagonists pursual of our heroine is also left unaccounted for. Yet when you get to a title like this, some of these things have to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s hard to criticize a title for its flaws if that was the intent; it’s like criticizing Monty Python for being ridiculous or Rocky Horror Picture Show for being a B-film. It just becomes something you either hate or love. Buttobi CPU is primarily a comedy, and that it is certainly successful in. I’m distraught by the fact the title only lasted three OVAs, but I enjoyed every minute of it. From Mimi’s cuteness, to all the computer references (like 640 kb of memory being a lot… ha!), from beginning to end you’re sure to find it entertaining.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Godai

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