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Boys Be…

Title: Boys Be…
Genre: Romance/Drama
Company: Hal Film Maker
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 11 Apr 2000 – 4 Jul 2000

Synopsis: The story revolves around the lives of six high school students with different perceptions to adolescent love and life itself. Kyoichi and Chiharu are long-time childhood friends whom their relationship deepens as time passes. Makoto is a hormone-raging computer genius who resorts to all kinds of ways to tackle on love issues. Yoshihiko is a baseball junkie who never venture anywhere beyond the mound and Aki and Yumi are best friends of Chiharu are in desperate need to cure their loneliness. Various events will change their lives the way they see it.

The Highlights
Music: Good mix of ballads and J-Pop
Characters: Utterly generic and predictable
Visuals: Impressive at times but occasionally inconsistent
Plot: Interesting halfway through but forgettable in overall

Ah, yes… ‘Sweet sixteen’ is a common term to describe the wonderful experiences one would encounter by the age of sixteen. It is a shame that I don’t believe it one bit. In fact, this show is actually about the sweet and not-so-sweet experiences in life around that age. Using that as the theme of the show, and add a cast of the anime version of the hit comedy Friends, you have ‘Boys Be…’. The show is, however, not all sweet.

The music is a first good sign of relief with a good balance of light-hearted J-Music and heartfelt rock ballads. Also, it helps in creating the various moods in each episode, both cheerful and dramatic. Same goes for the Xerox-like visuals that are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Kudos must also be granted to the visual department for making the girls in the show unbelievably tempting and flawlessly ‘proportionate’, which in turns provide the irrelevant fanservice abundant in the first half of the series.

I cannot say the same for the cast though, because each of them is ubiquitous to the anime world. On the boys’ corner, we have one artistically-inclined klutz, a dude with hormones ready to explode and a jock whose life never goes beyond the baseball bat. On the girls’ corner, we have one easily-confused tomboy, a bubbly girl with an eye for cute guys and a girl who is… just geeky. When you have a cast this typical, chances are it will render the show dull at times… and it did.

The storyline is a mixed one, to put it mildly. The first half of the series consist of nothing more than the various unrelated experiences of each characters with the male/female counterpart. While a few are pleasurable to watch, the episodes are nothing special. The second half though is where something actually happens. This will only be the turning point for those seeking for some serious drama.

Alas, ‘Boys Be…’ is a beautiful anime on the outside that is truly lacking in substance on the inside. It is something for fitted for those who seek some simple form of entertainment on love and disappointment in life to pass the time. For those who is looking a serious complex love drama, this is not the one.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: AC

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