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Title: Amaenaideyo! aka Ah My Buddha
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Format: 13 episodes
Company: Studio DEEN
Dates: 01 Jul 2005 – 26 Sep 2005

Synopsis: Satonaka Ikkou is sent by his family to train as a monk under his grandmother at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. Chores, training, and work all await him… along with the six beautiful nun apprentices living there as well. Ikkou perseveres through his training, but unleashes his true powers when he is “awakened” through seeing one of the girls naked. Will he learn self control and grasp his true potential, or will lust drive him towards more earthly desires?

The Highlights
Music: Heart warming, but plays the same songs repetitively.
Story: Gives you hints and pieces for understanding… but makes you wait for the sequel to solve it.
Characters: Funny, unique, and loveable, but no background or deep development… yet?

I laughed when I first saw the English translation of the title, Ah My Buddha. Ah! My Goddess!, but with Buddha instead of some hot goddess coming down and granting a wish to a struggling college student? As… interesting as that might have been, this proves not to be the case. Amaenaideyo! fits the model of your typical harem, but is enjoyable none-the-less.

While romance does play a role in the development of the story, comedy is definitely the predominant genre. Romance often ties in with drama, or at least has some strong points of conflict in the plot along the way. However, one of Amaenaideyo!’s defining traits is that you hardly find any scenes that leave you feeling gloomy. Along with a fantastic upbeat soundtrack, the whole series has a happy-go-lucky feel to it. It’s surely enjoyable, but detracts from the potential character development that could have ensued.

Characters are voiced by an exceptional seiyuu cast, including Nakahara Mai who voices the main female protagonist, Nanbu Chitose, and also sings the ending theme “Happy Days”. Yet the characters themselves are pretty dry; stereotypical roles of the harem genre who lack of background stories or development, which hurts the situation even more. Not to say they weren’t loveable in their own way, but again there’s that feeling of dissatisfaction and the question of what could have been.

The same dissatisfaction is felt in the plot. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s hilarious for a monk to go super saiyan every time he sees a girl naked. However, the action scenes weren’t really impressive. I suppose it makes sense for a monk to use their spiritual powers to send the dead to their final resting place, but I think throwing in some fighting and weapons wouldn’t have hurt. Another problem I had with Amaenaideyo! is the lack of progression. Obviously there is chemistry between the two main characters, but nothing ever happens. The episodes are hardly contingent with one another, save the rare circumstance where an adventure might span over two episodes. So instead of seeing some sort of relationship flourish, the cycle repeats itself.

That aside, I thought the whole monastery twist was really cute. Even if the characters and side plots are plug-and-fill, the series will give you some great laughs and plenty of fan service to keep your ecchi side satisfied. The series ends with a notation that the story will be continued, so I look forward to finding out what becomes of our monks-in-training.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Godai

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