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Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings

Title: Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings aka Aa Megami-sama: Tatakau Tsubasa
Genre: Action/Romance
Company: AIC
Format: 2 OVA
Date: 8 Dec 2007

Synopsis: An angel eater has broken out in Heaven and it is able to consume angels for goddesses, rendering them into shock. It is up to Lind and the rest of the goddesses, including Belldandy, to protect those in danger, unaware of a devious trap that awaits them.

The Highlights
Plot: A grittier take from the stale fluffy romance series.
Fight scenes: Now there’s something new to the franchise.
Lind: A breath of fresh air to the cast.

While watching Tatakau Tsubasa, I learnt something: an introduction of a new character can actually make a sequel of a dull romance series more intriguing and enjoyable to watch. Tatakau Tsubasa did just that and has successfully made me enjoy an hour of some heart-pounding action while preserving the sense of fluffy love that the Ah! My Goddess franchise is well-known for.

Tatakau Tsubasa is something I never thought would work within an hour. In the span of two episodes, the show manages to distinguish itself from its predecessors by infusing some shounen-style action sequences and some dark elements to spice things up. Also, the show takes away most of the stereotypical gags that thrive off fan service. In the end, we have an exhibition of something fresh and bold while keeping intact the familiar romance that we come to love between Belldandy and Keiichi.

The most notable fact about Tatakau Tsubasa is that it turns its attention towards the goddess Lind. The show finally swerves its limelight onto Lind, who has only been a side character in all of the previous Ah! My Goddess series. What’s more, her identity and background is further explored to show a less pretty side of herself (and the series). Her character development away from her passive demeanor is something I really enjoyed in Tatakau Tsubasa, but also something bad I see in the show. This sort of development is something that should be incorporated to many more characters in the franchise, since I find a lot of them two-dimensional.

Like the prequel Flights of Fancy, Tatakau Tsubasa features two enlightening theme songs by J-pop duo Jyukai. Featuring on Flights of Fancy with “Koibito Doushi”, they now offer delightful songs “Ai no Hoshi” and “Hanamuke no Melody”. This is one good way to start and end an already refreshing show.

I was not too fond of the prequel Sorezore no Tsubasa because it was dull and hardly broke new ground. This is why I was surprised by Tatakau Tsubasa. I was elated when I saw that this franchise was finally taking a risk, and it paid off jubilantly. This is very similar to the case of what Tsubasa Tokyo Revolution did for the series Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. Both instances illustrate how taking risks and trying something new can pay off and for Tatakau Tsubasa, it did tremendously… in less than an hour.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: AC

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