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Title: 11eyes
Genre: Action/Romance
Company: Dogakobo
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 7 Oct 2009 – 22 Dec 2009

Synopsis: Orphaned at an early age, Satsuki Kakeru lives a mediocre life after his sister committed suicide five years prior. His only companion and source of motivation comes from his best friend and schoolmate, Minase Yuka. One day after school, the world around them unexpectedly turns red, and everybody in their town vanishes. Monsters start appearing and chase after Satsuki and Yuka who end up cornered on an empty street. Luckily, the world suddenly reverts back and they re-emerge in the middle of a busy intersection with no idea what just happened.

The Highlights
Background story: Unexplained until the latter half.
Characters: Annoying protagonists, but the secondary characters are not bad.
Antagonists: Remain a mystery until the latter half as well.
Romance: Forced and awkward at times (if not, it was definitely crazy and scary!)

11eyes starts off as a stereotypical visual novel adaption. You have your male protagonist who has his own personal issues, the best friend who (not-so-secretly) loves him, and your secondary characters that introduce themselves several moments after the first climax. You also hear the “I will protect you” line played almost every episode in between the “make the useless male protagonist into a hero” training scenes. In a nutshell, aside from the unique setup of the story, everything else is simply predictable and average. All of the characters, save for one or two, could have been generated from a cookie-cutter, but even that isn’t a huge issue. What turned this average series into a disappointing one was Satsuki Kakeru and Minase Yuka’s performance as the main leads. It made me cringe every time they stepped into the spotlight and it is difficult to enjoy a series when you despise the protagonists that much.

The story itself starts off with a fair number of questions. What is the Red Night? Who are the Dark Knights? What makes these kids so special? However, these questions are answered later rather than sooner. And when they are answered, you’re left with more questions than when you started because of the “unexpected” twist they throw at you near the end. The ending can come across as either unique and satisfying or random and unexpected depending on how well you can accept the facts at face value. Unfortunately, I could not appreciate the ending because I felt its plot was poorly executed. It had a lot of potential in the beginning and even in the middle, but I could not get past the plot holes they left unfilled along the way.

Although the series as a whole seemed like a let-down, there are a lot of promising areas that kept my attention. Aside from the main love triangle, which was super awkward, I found myself focusing my attention more towards the other characters’ relationships. The secondary characters all have interesting histories and stories that get revealed little by little each episode. The antagonists also have interesting backgrounds, though it is revealed way too late to mean much, but it does help show that their intentions aren’t just to be bad for the sake of being bad.

I feel like I’m not giving 11eyes enough credit because in all honesty, it probably deserves more. However, I wouldn’t advise you to go watch it just to go looking for its good points since there is very little to find. As much as I tried to enjoy 11eyes, in the end I found myself watching the last few episodes for a sense of closure more than anything else. I watched it as a way to pass the time in between other shows… and trust me, it did not make time go by any faster.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: Buttercup

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