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The Theme is Music

For years Madhouse has been releasing quality television shows; Sorrow-kun reports on what they can do with the movie medium with Piano no Mori.

Also, zzeroparticle keeps the Soundtracks section a step ahead of the axe with his Natsume Yuujinchou Original Soundtrack review.

3 Responses to The Theme is Music


  1. Comment by c0mpl3x | 2009/04/01 at 01:26:25

    Hey there’s a quality anime that’s lesser known! The dissection is really spot on, although I would have rated 8 myself.

  2. AC
    Comment by AC | 2009/04/01 at 07:28:22

    I’m actually quite surprised at the grade, but I’d actually give it like a 6 on a good day. SERIOUSLY. I know it’s just me, but there’s something about the characters that don’t click to me. For some time, I think the characters just lack chemistry, and if character have a big problem, then it’ll bring down the grade for me inevitably.

  3. Comment by Sorrow-kun | 2009/04/01 at 17:45:56

    Well I’m glad I managed to strike a happy medium between your two alternative views. 😉

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