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Goodbye, Hello

Today I’ve got a bit of a story to tell, and it might be true, but it is certainly embellished! See, we have had a new application sent to an administrator at The Nihon Review. However this administrator, through feverish study for his diabolical midterm examinations neglected his email. So there the application sat, for a week or two, awaiting it’s fateful opening. And so, yesterday, it was finally opened, and within contained a great application, and an even better review.

So join with me as I congratulate Dheu, our newest reviewer. She will be working alongside Kurier, adding Music and Soundtrack reviews. Speaking of reviews, here is the review that garnered her acceptance! Kisou by Dir en grey!

Speaking of Kurier, his staff profile has finally been uploaded, after having spent 12 days in my inbox. The difference here is I actually read it, and forgot about it.

I sadly have to report the loss of a reviewer, however. GenkiSakura has left us after a year of dedicated service. We’ll miss you, babe. How does she so perfectly surf?

And just as I was about to upload her profile, too.

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