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Cyberpunk and the Worst Anime Ever?

If the latest Ghost in the Shell series doesn’t quite live up to your sci-fi needs, perhaps you should check out the lower key Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust.  This trilogy of movies has the grit and cadence that makes the genre so fascinating in the first place.

On the other spectrum of things, CNile has just come back from watching what may be the worst anime ever to be put on video.  If you want to some real scares this Hallow’s Eve try to get through Mars of Destruction.

2 Responses to Cyberpunk and the Worst Anime Ever?


  1. KS
    Comment by KS | 2014/10/31 at 21:54:16

    Was Mars of Destruction even a real anime in the traditional sense? I was always under the impression that all that was was an included extra in the limited edition package for an Idea Factory budget game of the same name that came out on the PS2 almost a decade ago hence the weird runtime of 19 minutes and bargain bin level animation quality since it was made in house by a video game company that makes budget games on a…well….tight budget. To my knowledge that’s the only time MoD ever went on sale and was the only way to acquire it legally kind of making it the equivalent of an extended anime cutscene for a game when you really think about it.

  2. Comment by gedata | 2014/11/01 at 11:46:31

    0/10? Haven’t seen that score since the Code E review. Never really got into all the MoD hate myself. Don’t really see how 20 minutes of something could incur all that wrath, especially with the reputation the show has.

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