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A Couple of Selections From Fall 2008

The Fall Season of 2008 in anime was a time when a great number of highly anticipated series started their broadcast, amongst which are sequels and remakes of established works. While quite a few of these, like Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~ and ef ~a tale of melodies~ turned out to be disappointing, the sheer volume of offerings in that season meant that gems were bound to be present.

Now, the last of these Fall 2008 series are coming to an end, and today I’m bringing you reviews of a couple of them. Sorrow-kun covers one of the Fall 2008 flops in Toaru Majutsu no Index, while one of the rare gems of Fall 2008 and perhaps for a long time to come, Clannad ~After Story~, is brought to you by yours truly. Enjoy.

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