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Love Is Justice

Mecha anime are no stranger to the power of libido, but perhaps no mecha series is as upfront about it as the silly, striking Aquarion Evol, newly reviewed by kevo. It’s dumb and makes no bones about that, but it’s lifted by a spirited cast and a unique, ridiculous feel that pushes itself as far as it can go. AC didn’t have quite as much fun with Zetman, which he says has potential but squanders it through a messy, incoherent plot that focuses on the least interesting part of the story.

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4 Responses to Love Is Justice


  1. Comment by Rararame | 2012/07/28 at 02:52:17

    EVOL is seriously overrated here, a show in wich characters are mere plot devices, with a transparent story and a retarded second cour just cannot rate as high as Macross Frontier. Given that it has a lot in common with Lagrange wich in turn has a lot more sincerity and overall better crafting, I just can’t understand how it could rate higher.

    As for Zetman it reminded me a lot of those Gonzo adaptations, original work butchering, with higher budget. Go for the manga and forget the anime.

  2. AC
    Comment by AC | 2012/07/28 at 23:45:06

    EVOL is either a hit or a miss. It certainly is ridiculous so if you ask me, it’s this kind of show that are the hardest to grade. ‘Cause it’s a mindf**k to analyze.

    Zetman had high budget…?

  3. Comment by Rararame | 2012/07/29 at 00:59:51

    “EVOL is either a hit or a miss.” Once again, characters are mere plot devices, story is transparent and the second cour is plain retarded (as an example think Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao last three episodes). I read a lot of reviews around here and most are definitely very satisfying because they don’t sugarcoat anything and flaws are sanctioned while a good serie needs to be quite solid.

    I didn’t say that Zetman had that high of a budget, simply that it had enough money pour on it to look better than most of Gonzo adaptation (FMP!, Chrno Crusade…).

  4. Comment by cosplay costumes | 2012/08/10 at 03:22:03

    EVOL is either a hit or a miss!

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