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well now

Yes, we do realize that we have failed to update this site in a while. It’s not that we neglect it so much as we each have our own individual excuses. Most of the excuses are frivolous so there really is no reason why the Nihon Review shouldn’t be more active.

So, we’re looking for someone, and it could be you!

We need someone who is proficient in the English language; enough so that they can proofread and correct submitted reviews as necessary. We also need someone who is willing to actively update the Nihon Review with reviews! A chance of a lifetime!

Of course this means responsibilities for whomever applies. You have to be dependable and easily accesible. If one does not have AIM or another chat client, one must be on IRC. Also, you must be able to communicate between yourselves.

And to all reviewers! The deadline for February reviews is Saturday, March 4th at 11:59 EST.

Lastly, soon we will be redirecting all comments to the forums. Registration is painless, and we’d appreciate it if you joined our community!  We welcome any and all feedback!

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