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Secret Worlds and Loud Noises

Atmosphere is key in any work of fiction. As Kaikyaku notes in a new review, Studio Ghibli‘s The Secret World of Arrietty crafts a tone and level of detail that draws the viewer into the fascinating world inhabited by the borrowers. Great art and music don’t hurt, either.

It’s also easy for efforts to go awry, as Shadowmage tells it in his review of Hidan no Aria. Despite a male lead who is a bit tougher than the norm, the story’s basic formula appears to be take a pinch of tired anime tropes, a dash of action movie cliches and shake them well until they explode.

Of course, tone and atmosphere is important in music, as well. Sorrow-kun makes an appearance at Anime Instrumentality to write a bit on the OP and ED for Working’!! Unfortunately, the new songs don’t manage to make themselves distinct and utilize the seiyuu talent they have at their disposal.

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