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Thanks, TIF

One of The Nihon Review‘s favourite sons (even though he’s older than all of us) leaves us today, after being on our staff since 2006.  TypicalIdiotFan has always been opinionated, as was on show during his recent 10 Things I Hate About You (Idiot Fans) articles. But his constant criticisms of anime and its fans has never once concealed an unkillable love for the medium and what it has to offer. TIF will be missed, but he won’t be going too far, and he promises to continue posting his episodic rants on the forum when he gets the chance. So thanks, TIF, you’re a champ. :)

We have two new reviews: Demon King Daimaou, a series that TIF hated, and B Gata H Kei, an anime that TIF loved. Given Akira‘s rating, he wasn’t the only one.

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  1. AC
    Comment by AC | 2010/06/24 at 19:17:55

    A 5 for Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou? That’s awfully kind of you, Shadowmage. With the heap of crap I had to go through with that show, I would give 3 instead… and that’s if I’m in a good mood. A 9 is B/H is warranted though, although I would give 8 instead because its fun factor is basically a hyperbola IMO.

  2. Comment by Shadowmage | 2010/06/24 at 20:04:20

    Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is the first trashy anime that I could bear to even sit through in a very long time. I admit that the narrative was stupid and insulting, but I liked the protagonist and the troll girl. Yes, good characters in tepid stories are the hallmark of a typical American program, but anime can really use some strong characters since most of their stories are sure as hell not delivering.

  3. MK
    Comment by MK | 2010/06/27 at 14:36:14

    B Gata H kei had some great humor and was tons of fun… But a 9 places the romcom in the same category as Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.

  4. AC
    Comment by AC | 2010/06/28 at 01:48:07

    You can’t compare the grades of all anime on the same platter. I believe that every anime is graded exclusively, without considering that it’s relative to the grades of other anime titles. Even though I personally believe that Tsuiokuhen deserves a 10, I think both B/H and Tsuiokuhen getting a 9 is fine.

    In fact, even I can say that Tsuiokuhen and Suzumiya being on the same grade is ridiculous, because I think the latter is grossly overrated. It’s only when you view and judge each anime on its own merit, grading is more justified.

  5. MK
    Comment by MK | 2010/06/28 at 03:18:46

    B gate H kei was extremely entertaining, but even when graded “based on its own merit” as you say, I don’t think it deserves the same grade as some of the other animes the NHRV gave a 9 to. I’m not placing all these animes in the same platter even though that may seem to be the case, I’m simply stating that I believe some of the other animes that got a 9 accomplished alot more “based on their own merit.” for me, an anime which gets a 9 or a 10 has to be an anime that’s emotionally stirring and unforgettable. An anime which makes you stop and think like a great novel. B gata H kei accomplishes alot, especially for an anime in its’ genre; but I believe that when you take an honest look at it it’s nothing groundbreaking. Just good entertainment that will eventually be forgotten. If I would’ve graded B/H right after finishing it I probably would have given it an 8 because the enjoyment factor would have temporarily blinded me. but if I graded it now after taking an honest, fair point of view, I would give it a 7. But everyone’s allowed to have their own opinions, it’s what makes the world great. I respect anyone who believes it deserves a 9, a 2, or even a 10.

    Btw, I agree with everything you said about Tsuiokuhen deserving a 10 and Suzumiya being overrated, (even though I really enjoyed it.)

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