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If You Went to Japan

Kurier’s long awaited report on his experiences in Japan during the last days of June and the first weeks of July is finally ready, finished, done, perfected, just for you guys. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain: read it in our editorial section! Each article is as lengthy as expected, but not a single line is gone to waste–one page or a hundred pages, Kurier did an excellent job. Kudos!

Japan: A Questionnaire
The Ogaki Chronicles
The Omiya Chronicles 

5 Responses to If You Went to Japan


  1. Comment by Pachinko | 2006/08/24 at 19:27:39


  2. Comment by Seven | 2006/08/24 at 19:41:08


    Good work :>

  3. Comment by Kurier | 2006/08/25 at 22:42:32

    Thanks, but Tama deserves a lot of credit for the awesome editting and image work.

    Thanks Tamashii

  4. Comment by Pachinko | 2006/08/26 at 07:22:49

    Go, Tama!!

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