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Art for Art’s Sake

Hello again, readers. We’re here with two reviews, one of a recent show and other of a … classic. Yes, let’s go with that. First up is Kaikyaku with Barakamon, a delightful series that is full of charm and humor. The fact that it features anime children that won’t drive you up the wall is also a minor miracle. Next up is CNile with a not so charming review of Violence Jack, an OVA adaptation of one of the many works of Go Nagai. If you love appalling dismemberment, rape, and cannibalism, this is the anime for you! Those with good taste need not apply.

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  1. Comment by Anonymous | 2015/01/05 at 06:53:36

    Concerning the VJ Review,

    >Maybe there’s some greater meaning to it all, some clever underlying theme, some kind of bold social commentary.
    There’s no clever underlying theme, but the point of Violence Jack was to show humanity at its most terrible state. Reading the manga will provide you a better context than the anime.

    >Go Nagai considers this series to be his greatest regret.
    Which is actually wrong. VJ is one of Go Nagai’s crowning achievement that even Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) has expressed desires to make a movie based off it. This 1973 manga has more than 40 volumes written to its name. The ovas aren’t directed by competent people anyway. (Ichiro Itano might be famous for his missile circus, but he’s a terrible director.)

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