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A Pair of Gems

There’s good anime, and then there’s great anime. Today we are lucky enough to add two of the latter to our library of reviews. Zzeroparticle examines The Wind Rises, likely the final film from legendary director Miyazaki Hayao and a deserving send-off. Shinmaru, in turn, shares his thoughts on Eccentric Family, a series with both humour and heart.

I’ve also added a blog article looking at discrimination in Wizard Barristers.

3 Responses to A Pair of Gems


  1. Comment by Fumoffu!! | 2014/03/24 at 06:39:57

    Just a little thing I’d mention, Benten is not a tengu, she’s a human who got gifted the powers.

  2. Comment by Shinmaru | 2014/03/24 at 07:34:10

    Ah yes, that’s right. It’s been a while since I saw the series, so that got mixed up in my mind. I will correct that.

    Thank you!

  3. Comment by Hattori | 2014/04/19 at 13:27:53

    its been ages since a new review! when are you gonig to review Kill la Kill??

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