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Mecha titles of days past

Though not always associated with mature storylines, it is undeniable that the mecha genre in both of its variants have been a cultural staple of Japan from the time of its inception, catching and holding the popular imagination of several generations of anime fans to this day. While much-beloved franchises such as Gundam and Macross (1, 2) have become timeless, many other titles have failed to match the popularity of these two venerable franchises, and dropped out of popular memory.

Today, we shall be looking at two examples of the latter. Shadowmage offers a less-than-favourable second opinion on Macross 7, claiming it to be far too over-the-top for a Real Robot title, while Kavik Ryx is also disappointed with Hades Project Zeorymer, claiming that it’s not over-the-top enough for a Super Robot title.

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  1. Comment by Kavik Ryx | 2009/01/22 at 09:12:09

    **** Shadowmage! Ya know what? I’m goin’ find out where you live, beat your ass to a bloody pulp, surgically remove each and every one of your organs, grind your bones into a fine powder, and then sell it by the ounce on Colfax! You’ve seen South Park. You know where I’m talking about!

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