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We need a mascot…

We do. Because if we had one, it would be much more professional to say “_____ wants you to join the Nihon Review!” than to say “the Nihon Review really needs someone who can write review games.” Because really, we do. It’s been months since anyone has heard from Zirilan (we prank called him tonight because we wanted him to not be dead or something) but he never answered. So typical. Not to bad mouth Zirilan or anything, it’s just his M.O. It’s a lot like me and procrastination. It’s just how I/we operate. I’m lazy and he disappears. Peas in a pod.

But I am so far off topic now, you all probably think I’m schizophrenic. But not really, my mind just works in a far more…linear sense. Regardless, The Nihon Review Application is open to all those who apply, and anyone else who would like to join us in bringing quality opinions of good and bad games/anime/music to the malinformed. So please, apply today!

Hope to see your applications!


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