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Welcome to The Nihon Review. Don’t mind the name change (or lack of, we’ll have all "AMG" switched to "NihonReview" soon!).

We’re a site that specializes in lots of things. Lots of Japanese things, hence the title ‘Nihon’ meaning "Japan" in Japanese. We have reviews. We will get profiles. We will get interesting editorials. Anime. Music. Games. You name it, we’ll have it.

Our database is currently being restored, so soon we’ll begin producing fresh, new reviews and material. Speaking of reviews, we’re lacking in the staff department. Unfortunately, a good member and friend of ours, Taleweaver, has departed, along with several others, ReadorDie and Zirilan, who were great people to be around, too. We’re going to need to fill those empty slots, so if you’re interested in volunteering and helping a budding site, apply here!


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