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Cyberpunk and the Worst Anime Ever?

If the latest Ghost in the Shell series doesn’t quite live up to your sci-fi needs, perhaps you should check out the lower key Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust.  This trilogy of movies has the grit and cadence that makes the genre so fascinating in the first place. On the other spectrum of things, CNile […]

Madhouse Strikes Again

As the new season builds momentum we take a look at a pair of recently concluded series. Many readers will be aware of Shinmaru‘s Hunter x Hunter addiction over the past few years and he now shares his thoughts on this exceptional series with us. It’s a huge improvement over the original adaptation and only […]

Once Again, Giant Robots Make the Impossible Possible

Hello, friends! We’re here with two new reviews for you, both from Shadowmage. First up is The Irregular at Magic High School, which seems to have plenty of ideas but doesn’t explore any of them in an interesting way. It does, however, feature a hilariously overpowered main character. Maybe that’s a plus for you! Next […]

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