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Wrestling Robots

Hello, friends! We have two new reviews for you today. First up is Shadowmage‘s look at the twisty, turny mecha series Valvrave the Liberator. While it has pleasing aesthetics, enjoyment of the series hinges mainly on appreciation for its ridiculous and sense of shock and drama. Next on the docket, I take a look at […]

Arpeggios and Duets

We’re back with two more reviews! Shadowmage takes a look at Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova, a series that tried new things with its animation but ultimately fell flat. Meanwhile, I had a look at Miyazaki Goro’s latest directing effort, From Up On Poppy Hill and liked what I saw. It’s a solid entry […]


We’re delighted to bring you our first pair of reviews for the new year! Shadowmage offers his analysis of two popular anime from last season. First is Beyond the Boundary, a series that seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis due to the way Kyoto Animation handled its creation. Second is coverage of […]

A Happy New Year and A Year in Review

Happy New Year! Another year has come and gone for The Nihon Review, and 2013 marked our eighth full year reviewing anime. For those of you with a slow first day of work or dreading the return of school, we’ve got our annual tradition up and running: a review of the year’s best and most […]

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