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Heart Pounding Dramas

Perhaps we’ve witnessed the future of anime or perhaps this is all just an interesting novelty, but the successful Kickstarter project Kick-Heart has undoubtedly given us something unique that would not have existed without the blessing of crowd funding.  Shinmaru takes a look at this crazy science experiment and gives his hearty recommendation.  In addition,  […]

Psychics Galore

Howdy, friends. We’ve got two new reviews of works with different views of psychic children! First on the docket is AC with Nerawareta Gakuen. Though the story becomes convoluted, it explores its themes in a solid way and the movie itself looks beautiful. Reckoner, on the other hand, reviews a show with a darker side: […]

Turning Up the AC

Greetings, friends! We’re here once again to bring you two new reviews. Well, I say “we,” but in reality, it’s our own AC who wrote these two up! The first is for Aku no Hana, which offers an art style that AC argues adds a dimension of realism to the show’s dark, twisty story, though […]

We’ve Got The Goods

Here’s a pair of new reviews to start July off right! Shinmaru shares his thoughts on four rather selfish but often hilarious detectives-in-training with his review of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Meanwhile, Reckoner suggests that while Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo may require a little bit of patience, it is ultimately worth the effort and […]

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