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Best High Schools

Please provide a warm welcome for another one of our newest members: Arabesque! He’s been a reader over on our blog and a friend of the anime blogosphere for some time. We’re proud to take him in as a regular contributor to our blog, in addition to looking forward to new reviews. For his first […]

You Can (Not) Panzer

Salutations, friends! We have new reviews on the horizon just for you! First up is kevo‘s look at Girls und Panzer. This series surprised and charmed many with its blend of comedy, cuteness and masterful tank action. It receives kevo‘s highest recommendation. Definitely check it out! Reckoner, however, wasn’t as pleased with the long-anticipated Evangelion […]

Two Classics, One New Friend

Taking a break from our newest reviews of the most recently aired anime, allow me to introduce one of the newest members of our staff: Click! A long-time forum goer and fellow anime blogger, we were pleasantly surprised to find out he had applied for our most recent staff contest. We could probably go on […]

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