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Busty ‘Bots and Sassy Sisters

Expectations are a funny thing. Sometimes we have shows that thoroughly defy them, and other times we have shows that meet them completely. Today we have reviews of shows in both scenarios! First is Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! from kevo. He gets basically what he expects from this anime, which does […]

Anime In The Rear-view Mirror May Appear Better Than Expected

Today Shinmaru brings us a review of a series he feels didn’t get enough love when it aired last year. Sengoku Collection has time travelers, clever film spoofs, touching drama and some solid storytelling. Meanwhile, eternal tells us about the latest KyoAni installment, a highschool rom-com with an average male lead and a quirky girl […]

Beaters and Attractors

Two new reviews for all you fine folks out there in the wilds of the Internet! First on the docket is one of the most popular and polarizing shows of 2012, Sword Art Online. Reckoner writes that the series has an interesting premise and there are some good moments peppered throughout the series; however, the […]

The Mayans Were Wrong

Here’s proof. Happy New Years everyone!  Now that we have gone through 2012 without any Earth shattering cataclysm, I hope we can shelf any mention of the Mayans and their calendar for the rest of eternity. Just in case mankind survived, we at the Nihon Review prepared another Year in Review to look back at […]

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