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Secret Santas Spread Holiday Cheer

It’s that time of year again when many of us gain a few pounds from feasting far too much on delicious foods. It’s also a time to make merry, with increased time to watch anime as the year winds down and people find themselves taking a few days of much needed R&R. Well, at least, […]

Flowery Mysteries

Happy holidays, everyone! We’ve got two reviews for you as an early Christmas present! Aren’t you happy? The first is from Eternal, who watched Hyouka. He writes that the series uses its mystery plots as a tool to explore its characters and contrast them in interesting ways. It also helps that the show is yet […]

Time We Can’t Have Back

Sometimes the return on an anime is just not worth the investment. Sequels are often dangerous territory, as Reckoner observes in his review of Eureka 7 AO, a series that leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Not only does it fail to build upon its predecessor, it actually devalues the original. MK wrote of […]

Thank you to everyone

Today I am making the sad announcement that I have resigned from The Nihon Review, effective immediately. This has been brewing for a while, and I informed the rest of the staff internally a few months ago now. I have just finished my PhD (finally) and my life is undergoing a number of hectic changes. […]

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