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I’m not this Bubbles you say. I’m JoJo JoJo

In anticipation for the new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure television series, Kaikyaku has taken a look at previous attempts to bottle the lightning of the epic manga with reviews of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2000).  If you have any taste for flair and flamboyance, then make sure you check this franchise out.  It’s […]

Busting Guns

Reviews coming your way of shows new and old! We start with a classic Gainax OVA reviewed by Shadowmage — Gunbuster! Although the secondary cast suffers due to the focus on the core characters, the OVA is nonetheless ambitious and holds up well today. Meanwhile, dear kevo takes a look at YuruYuri♪♪, which is — […]

A Bit of Levity to Accompany the Morality

Today we have an older, more classic title known as Future Boy Conan.  It should be a must watch for anyone who loves the medium as it is one of the earlier works of Miyazaki before he broke out as a movie director. The second is a high budget and high energy comedic romp about […]

Humanity — and Gundam? — Has Declined

Anime reviews? Anime reviews! We’ve got two new ones from Shadowmage today. First up to the plate is Humanity Has Declined, a show that uses a cutesy veneer to contrast its deeply cynical point of view. The setup to the punch line can be slow and tedious depending on the episode, but once the show […]

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