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Love Is Justice

Mecha anime are no stranger to the power of libido, but perhaps no mecha series is as upfront about it as the silly, striking Aquarion Evol, newly reviewed by kevo. It’s dumb and makes no bones about that, but it’s lifted by a spirited cast and a unique, ridiculous feel that pushes itself as far […]

Shiver me timbers!

Slaughtering and pillaging; reavering and sundering. The life of a pirate is for me! …Yeah, I got bored. Anyway, here’s our two newest reviews, both of which are about Ironmen from the Iron Islands pirates, though of a very different kind from those depicted in typical fantasy. First is Shinmaru‘s review of Mouretsu Pirates, followed […]

Maidens and Jazz

Two new reviews today! First on the plate is AC‘s look at Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. He says that while the show has an interesting visual style, it fails to do anything meaningful with it, focusing mainly on silly antics and melodrama. Reckoner also takes a look at Kids on the Slope, which he admires […]

Oddity and Mediocrity

Today we have two very different kinds of anime for two distinct palates.  The first is a more refined dish with Toaru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku, a Madhouse Studios movie about aerial warfare.  Despite its regal furnishings, it can be quite dull as it contains a narrative that’s been served one time too many.  The […]

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