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Violence, teenagers, and bad anime?

Today’s reviews are of two action-packed shows, though decidedly different in their aesthetics. Mardock Scramble: First Compression is (obviously) the first installment of a cyberpunk novel adaption that seems to be well worth watching. On the other hand, we have the brighter animation of Future Diary, though its story is just as violent and dark […]

A Romance and a Sitcom Walk Into a Bar …

When I first heard about Amagami SS Plus, the first question to hit my mind was, “Why?” Sorrow-kun watched this sequel series and couldn’t come up with an answer to that question. Meanwhile, he also caught a gander at another sequel anime, Working’! Despite its infuriating use of punctuation, it’s still a solid sitcom, but […]

Boobs! The Anime

It’s hard to find a common theme between the two anime reviewed today, but given the deplorable Manyuu Hikenchou has nothing else to it except boobs, that’s all I have to work with. Not that I have anything against a nicely curved fermale form, but this is a show that goes well beyond “too much […]

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

We’re slowly clearing our backlog of reviews from the last season, so expect more to come in the next few days. Here’s two of the less remarkable (as our reviewers saw them) titles from the last season. Shadowmage has a look at Shakugan no Shana Final, although I think he’s being a touch kind, and […]

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