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I trust we can rely on your vote

The Aniblog Tourney is on again, and our first round match-up has just started. If you like what we do at Behind The Nihon Review, why not stop by and take a couple of quick seconds to give us your vote. All support is highly appreciated. We have two new reviews today, both of which […]

Atmosphere with a Touch of Lust

I find shows that use atmosphere as its primary hook are a tough sell and requires a high level of finesse before it even begins to work. Eternal takes a look at a live action adaptation of a manga in this vein called Solanin.  It’s not the greatest display of the kinds of emotions that atmosphere can evoke, but it’s certainly better than […]

Zeroes and Heroes

It almost seems appropriate to offer a moment of silence for the end of a long-running harem series with the conclusion of Zero no Tsukaima F, but as Shadowmage tells it, the finale is so bad that the audience is likely bored into silence, anyway. Godspeed, Louise and Saito. Godspeed. I also have a look […]

Come to Think of It, Anime Exaggerates a Lot

Hyperbole can be used in a series to great effect, rendering some perhaps hidden nugget of truth in a grand manner such as to draw one’s attention to the concept. At the same time, done wrong and in large amounts, it can serve to alienate the viewer. Our first review today, Bakuman 2, hits the […]

The Killing Game

What do mysterious deaths and a card game based on historical poetry have in common? Nothing at all, as you can tell from today’s two new reviews! First up, Reckoner takes a look at the excellent Chihayafuru. It takes a card game that most folks in the Western Hemisphere probably know zilch about and makes […]

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