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Invasion of the Myopic Aliens

Though ABe Yoshitoshi is often associated with works of genius, not all his projects have turned into gold as Kaikyaku argues in a review of NieA_7.  This is a show where the subjects of interest, the aliens, are more annoying than profound. Also, kevo looks at an invasion of a different kind with his views on H2O: […]

Honey and Robot

We’ve got two reviews for you to enjoy today. Shinmaru has taken a look at a recent anime remake of the robot classic, Tetsujin 28, with his review of Tetsujin 28 (2004). Eternal has also looked at a “remake” with the film adaptation of Honey and Clover, concluding that the anime is better. I can’t […]

Yo Dawg, So I Herd You Like…

…average anime movies, so we put average anime movies in your reviews so you can average anime movies while you anime. Shinmaru provides us with our first average anime movie with his review of Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth, which he didn’t find very funny. It’s a bit of a disappointment […]

Welcome aboard, kevo and Reckoner

The task of picking the winners of this year’s NHRV Staff Contest has been a difficult one, but we’ve finally reached a decision. Congratulations to kevo and Reckoner, the two newest additions to our NHRV staff list. Many of you may know kevo as a writer for the anime blog, Desu ex Machina, as well […]

The NHRV Staff Contest 2012 is now over

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s NHRV Staff Contest.  We now have the difficult task of picking the winners.  We hope to have an announcement in the next few days, but this year’s decision might take a little longer than usual owing to the high quality of applications we’ve received this time, so […]

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