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Two “colourful” anime

Elineas has pitched in today with two new anime reviews.  The first is the much hyped Colorful (Movie).  It’s good, but does it live up to its acclaim?  The second review is a sequel: the recent completed The World God Only Knows II, which, in my eyes, was a big improvement over the first season.  […]

Secret Worlds and Loud Noises

Atmosphere is key in any work of fiction. As Kaikyaku notes in a new review, Studio Ghibli‘s The Secret World of Arrietty crafts a tone and level of detail that draws the viewer into the fascinating world inhabited by the borrowers. Great art and music don’t hurt, either. It’s also easy for efforts to go […]

What Could’ve Been

There are some anime that strive to be artistic. There are those who strive to pander to a crowd. And yet there are those series that are middling, failing to shine in the spotlight. Both of our series for you today provide case studies of what could have been, displaying qualities that should have been […]

Valiant Efforts All

Today’s two anime are both sterling examples of valiant efforts.  The more obvious one is in Shinmaru’s review of Little Norse Prince Valiant which features Takahata Isao’s competent directorial debut where he shows a glimmer of the talent that would make him a master director. The other is R-15, which requires a valiant effort should […]

Reflections of younger times

Today Kaikyaku lets us in on a little insight about herself: she was a mad Agatha Christie fan as a kid.  So it’s only fitting that that she’s taken a look at the anime adaptation, Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple, which it a tad muted compared with the original novels.  She’s also shared […]

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