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Superman (Brought to you by Coca Cola)

Just when you think commercialism has gotten more ridiculous, Tiger & Bunny takes it a step further by making traditional heroes walking billboards and throwing them into a reality TV setting.  In spite of this premise, the show is one of the better shows in the superhero genre; the characters grow on you with time […]

What’s for Dinner?

Tonight, as I type this update with one hand, I stir a giant pot of curry with the other. I love me some Japanese-style curry to eat while I watch anime, and now that I think of it, cooking has a lot in common with anime adaptions. First of all, we all take recipes from […]

A Class Act

Green tea is far from my favorite drink to sip on during a quiet morning, but I do drink it from time to time if only in hopes of refining my palette enough to actually like it.  Such is my experience with anything set in the Victorian era, anime or otherwise.  However, if you are […]

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