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Mad for Madhouse

AC brings us a review of two Madhouse gems well worth watching. First, the drama-filled blood bath series Black Lagoon receives an OVA addition to its line-up, this time with everyone’s favorite South American maid taking center stage to give viewers a fun time in Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail. Second, Speed Racer and Grease […]

Days of Future Past

As life continues to grow more hectic with every passing day, it sometimes takes a trip to the countryside to really find that oasis where one can rejuvenate and reminisce. Only Yesterday captures that brilliantly through its wonderful cast of characters, making it yet another strong entry in Studio Ghibli’s portfolio. Real Drive moves us into the […]

A Lesson on Physics and Shinboism

Realism is something that we don’t see often in giant robot anime, but Break Blade kicks the mold to the curb in regards to the physics of the mechas.  Such a shame that the same cannot be said about the characters or the presentation of the story. In other news, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko shows […]

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