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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Two new reviews here at the Nihon Review, and the two shows reviewed couldn’t be any more different from each other in terms of style and story. First up, Akira gives us a rundown about the smooth creaminess that is Oji-san no Lamp, a tale that refers back to Japan over a century ago. Next, […]

A podcast, a review and a report

A veritable triple threat on offer today. Kylaran and Shinmaru continue their Anime Expo coverage, with a report on anisong singer Kurosaki Maon‘s concert and panel. Kylaran and I got together earlier this week to talk about his experience at Anime Expo, and review a handful of recently finished anime in episode 5 of The […]

Day 3: The day Moon-land hits Earth

We continue our thoughts on AX 2011 with our Day 3 impressions.  This is, sadly, our final day of coverage as our staff evacuated the premises of the Los Angeles Convention Center before the fireworks began. Kylaran decides to dig a bit deeper into one of the events in his two part coverage of the Mirai no Neiro Panel […]

More goodies from Anime Expo 2011

Our extensive Anime Expo 2011 coverage continues, with a report of the second day’s activities as well as Kylaran‘s analysis of the Hatsune Miku phenomenon.  We’ll be posting links to all AX11 related articles on our (newly rejigged) Conventions page, as they’re published, so be sure to keep an eye there. Otherwise, keep an eye […]

AX 2011

For all of you who took the time to take the trip to this year’s Anime Expo, welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience and managed to record a full HD video of the Miku concert to share with the rest of us.  For all of you who didn’t make it, we sent our […]

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