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Yet another loli security anime

AC‘s review of Astarotte’s Toy could almost be seen as a companion piece to TypicalIdiotFan‘s recent article about the anime on the blog. Both of them were left wondering just what this series was trying to be, after giving off a first impression of being a raunchy loli fanservice-fest, a second impression of a sweet, […]

First from the Spring season

The Spring 2011 season has been one of the better of recent times, and it’s now starting to wind down. Today, we have two reviews of some of the first shows to air their finales. Firstly, AC has taken a look at the third offspring of the Marvel–Madhouse marriage, X-Men, and given it a tepid […]

A Barrage of Excellent Action Titles

Today’s two reviews are united by the common theme of action and drama that does well, making them strong entries in that particular genre.  Shinmaru tackles Akira, an older film, but one worth digging into for the animation and the setting.  AC’s adventures takes him back into the underworld of Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage […]

Two Evergreen Titles

You know you’re getting a bit old when the 90s still feel like they were yesterday, but despite all this time, there are a good number of 90s anime I enjoy that nobody seems to have discovered yet.  Kaikyaku sheds light on one of them with a review of Master Keaton. AC reviews a newer show that is […]

Bring on the next long-windedly titled egregious imouto anime!

Personally, I’m looking forward to “I’d Never Steal Something Like Onii-chan’s Pantsu!!”, also known as “OniPan”.  Of course, if you’ve seen Ore no Imouto, you’ll know that there’s no such thing, and it’s just an in-universe parody, an example of the brand of self-awareness that makes the series and its alternative ending sequel Ore no […]

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