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Is This a Zombie or a Goblin?

A little while ago Funimation announced that they had licensed Is This a Zombie? and there was much chagrin throughout the internet because it was seen as just another fanservice comedy that was eating away money that could have been used for a better show.  To all you who are misinformed, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? […]

Welcome aboard, Kaikyaku

Congratulations to our newest staff member, Kaikyaku, who’s joined the NHRV as the first mid-year recruit for the year.  Kaikyaku, who’s been a long-time lurker and tells us she’s a fan of old school anime, starts things off with a review of Noein – to your other self.  Feel free to stop by the forum […]

The Meaning of Life…

…is the number 42! Now take off the number “2” at the end and you get an idea of how we rated the anime in our two newest reviews. First, we have Eternal’s take on the mediocre Mayoi Neko Overrun!, although he admits that there are the occasional moments of hilarity and fun. Next is […]


That’s the general tone of today’s two new reviews.  We begin with my 2c on a live action adaptation: Kimi ni Todoke – The Movie.  What was sweet and charming in anime form unfortunately comes off as jarring and poorly paced in the movie outing.  Also, kadian1364 has given his emphatic “thumbs down” to Yamamoto […]

What ifs

What if they decided to make an anime based off one of the most revered books on management theory?  The result is Moshidora, an enjoyable anime that takes these principles far from the corporate boardroom and applies them to a high school baseball team. Robot Carnival, a series of well-animated shorts, probably asks a ton […]

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