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A great director

The untimely passing of the great Kon Satoshi is still reasonably fresh in our memories, and his loss is still felt by anime fans everywhere.  Today we look back at one of his many brilliant films, with a review of Tokyo Godfathers.  We also have a review of Kowarekake no Orgel, an OVA which is […]

The Magical Mystery Tour

Two reviews. One magical. One a mystery with a supernatural bent. And a music review. Three reviews. None of them involve The Beatles though! Shinmaru reviews a magical girl anime, Heartcatch Precure!, which he says is a solid children’s title with much merit and should appeal to the Shugo Chara crowd.  Moreso than the Nanoha […]

Spicy Ladies and Hot Men

2008 was such a good year that it keeps on giving to this day. AC basks in the sex and style of Michiko to Hatchin, which is a gem many are aware of but few are willing to talk about. As for slightly older and (deservingly) more obscure anime, MK unleashes his discontent with reverse harems in his review of […]

Welcome Shinmaru, Eternal

After a lengthy deliberation, we have chosen our two winners for this year’s NHRV Staff Contest.  Welcome to the team, Shinmaru and Eternal.  Shinmaru has a wealth of experience writing episodics on his blog, Unmei Kaihen, and has started off his “career” (:P) at the NHRV with a review of one of his personal favourite […]

The end of the NHRV Staff Contest 2011

The NHRV Staff Contest is over for another year.  We wish to thank everyone who took the time to enter.  The quality and quantity of contestants was again impressive this year, and we now have the difficult task of determining the winners.  We’ll hopefully have an announcement for you in the next couple of days.

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