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How to Bee a Failure

Gonzo is dead.  Madhouse seems to be on its last legs. Yet, despite making nothing but boring products, Bee Train still manages to find money to create new anime.  As much as I want the entire industry to succeed, I think this is one studio that needs to be put out to the pastures especially after Psychic […]

Off The Mark

I’m no fan of the original Magical Lyrical Nanoha, but it had Shinbo Akiyuki working behind it which made it quite watchable and at times quite brilliant.  Despite a new director Kusakawa Keizou taking the helm for the sequel, Nanoha A’s proved to be quite an entertaining action series that flowed better than the original and […]

Join The Nihon Review: Staff Contest 2011

This year’s NHRV Staff Contest has now officially started. We’re looking for two new staff members to help us with writing anime and live action reviews and/or contributing to the Behind The Nihon Review blog. Applications will be open until Monday, 7 February, so if you’ve ever contemplated joining the NHRV staff, submit yours today! […]

Some things are much bigger than anime

The Queensland floods are currently devastating the state that I’ve grown up in and lived my whole life.  I, personally, was fortunately spared, but I know many friends and relatives who weren’t so lucky and are now facing an arduous and heart-breaking clean up.  My own neighbourhood is in a state of disarray: places that […]

Remakes of Varying Quality

Japanese media have no shortage of remakes and today’s two reviews show that despite having a prior TV show or movie to work off of, there’s no assurance that the remake can live up to the first incarnation’s success.  Such is the case with Time Traveller, a live-action movie which AC felt fell way short […]

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