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The S&M Club

Personally, I find most cutesy fanservice anime painful to watch.  I’m going to forego a long explanation and just say it’s a preference issue (not that many would bother to argue to the contrary). Though we do not always see eye-to-eye, AC agrees with this position…. at least for MM! which sets a new low even for the bottom of […]

Action of a different type

The shounen action anime has often thrown up unconventional premises.  Today’s two reviews look at two particularly impressive examples.  kadian1364 was amazed by the attention to detail and analysis of a culture shown in anime’s quintessential Go anime, Hikaru no Go.  Meanwhile, Ascaloth was hugely enthusiastic by an anime even more verbose than he is, […]

Who says girls with glasses can’t be cute?

Any anime fan knows that the glasses girl is the moe archetype of choice for the sophisticated gentleman.  AC has taken a look at one short anime series, Megane na Kanojo, which targets that specific group of megane fans, and has decided that it’s much less gimmicky than it could have been.  I’ve also reviewed […]

The Eden of the East movies

Eden of the East was one of the best anime of last year.  Unfotunately, it would appear that it’s two sequel movies have fallen short of the standards set by the TV series.  I’ve had a look at Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden, which I thought had too much […]

Another Ghibli masterpiece

Studio Ghibli has a long list of amazing movies, and today MK has recognizes another one, the much loved Whisper of the Heart.  Find out why he thinks it’s one of the most stunning anime ever made.  I also thought Occult Academy was stunning… but not in a good way.

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