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Anime that go the whole 9 yards…

…and receive a 9 for their well-earned efforts! It’s rare to see works that are damn near impeccable, but today, we present two shows that reach such heights.  The first, Cross Game, is a flawless execution of the sports genre which succeeds through an engrossing story complete with a likable cast.  The other is Last […]

Back in time… a bit

Today, our newest reviewer MK has gone right back to the beginning of the last decade to review I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, an anime that he expected the worst from, but was pleasantly surprised.  Shadowmage also looked at the sequel of an anime that appeared prominently on our Decade Review lists earlier this year, […]

When Work Gives You Lemons…

…become a societal outcast! At least, that’s what the protagonists of our shows, Arakawa Under the Bridge and House of Five Leaves, chose to do. Both shows follow the adventures and mishaps of men who were forced to abandon pedestrian life for a variety of reasons beyond their own control. While I found Arakawa‘s light […]

Apart from the Rest

Okay, so the title’s pretty cliche. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s nice to see some recent anime being done well. Our first review this update is Sorrow-kun‘s take on the surprisingly refreshing show Working!, and how it differs from the standard slice-of-life moe comedy. Akira provides us with the second review, elaborating […]

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