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Those who challenge the sun… and burn horribly

Hype keeps life interesting.  It’s a credulous and exceptionally optimistic view on something that doesn’t even exist yet.  If the object of one’s affection lives up to expectations then it becomes all the sweeter to be part of cheering team in the onset, but if it fails then the late nights spent analyzing every second […]

The Nodame steamtrain rolls on

One of Ascaloth‘s passions is live action Nodame Cantabile, and he again wants to tell us about the latest entry… although he’s a touch disappointed about Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score – Part 2 compared with the first movie. “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to describe Kavik Ryx‘s impression of Seikon no Qwaser. More like “disgusted”. […]

Speaking in an aquatic language

I may not be a fan of Eve no Jikan‘s (1,2) Yoshiura Yasuhiro, but I do respect his passion and dedication to his craft.  Though he is still pretty much an indie creator, he has created solid works that has found both praise and acclaim, though not for a mass audience. Today MK takes a […]

The Nihon Revue – Episode 1

Akira and I have just put together the first episode of our new seasonal podcast, The Nihon Revue, where we review and discuss the recently completed series of last season.  If you haven’t already, you can listen to it here.

New to the site? How about a quick tour.

We often get new people to the site, so I’m just going to take a quick moment out of my busy review writing schedule (ha!) to give you a bit of a tour and tell you how we do things around here.  Even if you’re a veteran, a refresher course never hurt. First, we currently […]

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