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The importance of a good script

Two new reviews, both of relatively recent anime.  The first is a review long overdue on this site of one of last year’s best anime: the brilliantly written Kemono no Souja Erin.  The other is my take on the recently finished and highly controversial Angel Beats!, which, despite its blatant flaws and wanting storyline, I […]

Thanks, TIF

One of The Nihon Review‘s favourite sons (even though he’s older than all of us) leaves us today, after being on our staff since 2006.  TypicalIdiotFan has always been opinionated, as was on show during his recent 10 Things I Hate About You (Idiot Fans) articles. But his constant criticisms of anime and its fans […]

A true spectacle to behold

Set aside your prejudices. Anno Hideaki’s latest retelling of his magnum opus is a sight that is worth seeing. Akira reviews Evangelion 2.0 and though he is not an Evangelion fan, even he is impressed.

Cute kindergartens

I guess that’s the common theme of today’s review subjects, Hanamaru Kindergarten and Kobato (although, the latter is set in a daycare center, but that’s close enough).  kadian1364, a self-confessed Gainax fan, wasn’t all that impressed by how especially light and shallow Hanamaru Kindergarten was.  Meanwhile, Buttercup, a longtime Clamp fangirl, wasn’t fussed on how […]

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