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What was the point of that?

That was the question TIF found himself asking at the end of The Sacred Blacksmith.  And while he wasn’t a fan, he was almost just as annoyed with how anime fans reacted to it.  Meanwhile, I watched Trapeze.  There’s no other anime quite like it, but it’s not quite as bizarre as it first makes […]

Average Adaptations

It’s almost too easy to be cynical of visual novel or video game adaptations to the point that the announcement of an anime adaptation, unless the staff behind the project warrants otherwise, is greeted with caution rather than full-blown fanfare.  And for good reason: they usually don’t live up to their game counterparts. But it’s […]

Super robot movies, real robot movies

AC has had a look at the latest chapter in the TTGL saga, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Lagann-hen, and while he found it entertaining, he was a little disappointed there weren’t more new scenes in it. On the other hand, disappointment doesn’t even start to describe Shadowmage‘s reaction to Mobile Suit Gundam Formula 91. He’s also […]

Off to the movies

Today, AC completes his analysis of the 20th Century Boys movie trilogy with his review of 20th Century Boys 3. kadian1364 gives a dire warning to anyone who wishes to see an unusually weak Ghibli production, Gedo Senki.

And the winner is…

“Winners” more accurately, as the depth of applicants in the NHRV staff contest was so good that we decided to accept three new writers.  So congratulations to kadian1364, Buttercup and Kylaran. kadian1364 has been posting enthusiastic and insightful comments on many different corners of the anime blogosphere for some time, and he kicks things off […]

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