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Mega Mecha Music

It’s not an understatement to say that reading people’s thoughts on soundtracks is something that brings me that rush of excitement since the background music forms such an integral part of the anime viewing experience through its interplay with the mood and emotions flowing out of a given scene. And given how hard it can […]

Two Shows From Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Though Yoshiura Yasuhiro’s works have gotten plaudits from many viewers, Shadowmage notes that while both Eve no Jikan and Pale Cocoon stand out by virtue of their art and animation, the overall execution leaves him wanting at times, preventing both shows from truly reaching greatness.

A major announcement

After a lengthy bout of inactivity, we’ve decided to officially close down our Soundtracks section.  However, this isn’t the end of soundtrack reviews from The Nihon Review staff, and we’ll be making (or at least aspiring to make) regular contributions to our new official anime soundtrack affiliation site, Anime Instrumentality Blog, which is run by […]

Join The Nihon Review

We’re currently in the throes of recruiting, but this time round we’re doing something different: a staff contest. The amount of people we take will depend on the number of entries we get, but at this stage, we’re looking to top up our existing staff list with two or so new reviewers. If you’ve ever […]

That time of year

Our annual review is finally here: 2009: A Year in Review.  As always, we’ve had a look at the year in anime and tried to assemble a list of the best/most influential/most interesting/most entertaining titles and this is what we’ve come up with.  I’ve opened up a discussion thread in the forum, where you can […]

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